Superior MVNE / MVNO Rating and Billing Engine

The telSPACE MVNE solution is built around a sophisticated rules based rating and billing engine. This powerful engine has the capability to rate as often as carriers can send customer call data records. The telSPACE rating and billing engine can concurrently rate multiple services, prepaid and postpaid from dozens of suppliers. The telSPACE software can be integrated upwards into any carrier and/or downstream into any client’s existing legacy system.


Functionality Includes:

• Automated real-time rating
• Watch Dog feature offers real-time monitoring
• Autopay safety level reduces churn
• Rating and billing both usage and bundled rate plans
• Setup promo codes to override plan settings
• Manually adjust customer accounts
• Build and rate any conceivable plan
• Support optional features of any type
• Adjust rating for M2M, free inbound, etc
• Change any rating variable in seconds
• Support true postpaid and postpaid with limits
• Support PIN based business models
• Support customer overage limits
• Automated text messages for customer alerts
• Provide eBilling and paper billing

telSPACE billing and rating

rating and billing screens