Take control of the telSPACE source code

Each client is given a full copy of the latest telSPACE source code to install, host and manage. The Microsoft based system can be modified to adapt and grow with your business. You can manage the software internally, contract a third party development group or contract directly with telSPACE. Eliminate the barriers of slow and expensive change requests that can be detrimental to your business. Take control of your own solution where you can react, adapt and grow at your speed.

Code Installation

After signing a telSPACE license agreement and gaining access to your servers, the telSPACE team will upload the source code and configure the initial database.

Supplier Integration

After the code installation is complete our team or your team can begin work on supplier integration’s. A typical integration takes 2-3 weeks to complete.


After the code installation and connections to suppliers are complete the testing phase begins. Testing can be completed by telSPACE or the test scripts can be provided to your team for testing.


In addition to training manuals and videos tutorials telSPACE offers live training on every aspect of the software. Live training is available via video conferencing, GoTo Meeting or in person at our offices or on site at your location.

Ongoing Support

The telSPACE team is always here to help…email, Skype, phone, SMS or in-person. As our clients become more familiar with the software they become less dependent on us. Our priority is transfer of knowledge to our clients so they quickly become independent and self sufficient.