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MVNO With Your Own Contract?

Bring your own contract or multiple contracts! The telSPACE OSS/BSS software can be used to manage just your own MVNO or launch and support multiple MVNOs. Carrier contracts become plug-n-play, partner with other contract holders to create the ultimate bundle! Quickly launch and support your MVNE/MVNO business with a turnkey back office solution where you can plug in virtually any service from any provider. Easily automate all functionality and report on every aspect of your MVNO business. The telSPACE software enables you to sell, provision, fulfill, and provide world class customer care on one ubiquitous OSS BSS platform. Plug in services include prepaid and postpaid cellular, VoIP, wire line, Internet, long distance and more. In development since 1998, telSPACE has used client input from over 100 MVNOs to refine our core MVNE software and create a robust and cost effective billing system that rivals any in its class. As a global leader in MVNO / MVNE billing we strive and continue to define the standards of the wireless industry.

License The MVNE Source Code

The telSPACE OSS BSS software has been in development since 1998 and launched in 2003. For the first time since conception the complete telSPACE MVNE solution is available for license or purchase. This unique offer allows our clients to take ownership and control of the MVNE source code (compiled and non compiled) where you host, manage and modify the MVNE software as needed to adapt and grow your business. Remove the handcuffs of your current vendor and enjoy the operational freedom of owning your own OSS BSS solution.

Flexible, Robust and Agile MVNE Software Solution

Easily support MVNOs with a flexible, robust, turnkey solution that can quickly adapt to carrier changes or changes in the wireless industry. Imagine launching a large MVNO in just a few days with access to multiple carriers, products and services including a retail website with E-commerce capabilities. Five layers of genealogy provide your MVNO clients with a dynamic commissioning engine where they can quickly configure the OSS BSS software to match their acquisition model whether online sales, thousands of store locations or both. Each layer in genealogy can be tracked, reported and commissioned individually. The telSPACE MVNE software can also track and manage fulfillment of handsets, accessories or any other products required by the client.